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Armada / Floating Floor Mattres - Running Headgear

155mm diameter,23mm height,circular section,cut into 4 pieces,4 pieces of running headgear at each,manifuctared from PP(polyproylene copolymere)material.

Support E / Standart Fineness

Armada / Floating Floor Staff Explanation
Setup between 70 and 600 mm height(circular section), 61 mm screwing system can be attached in 207 mm outside diameter,65 mm height base plinth block coupler with 120 mm diameter and 126 mm height 150 mm outside diameter 65 mm height of upper plinth block can attached 4 items of running headgear PP(polypropylene copolymere)to sockets onto upper plinth block.

Support S / Standart

Armada / Floating Floor Staff - Standart Explanation
149.5mm diameter,14mm height,circular section,can be cut into 4 pieces,made from PP(polypropylene copolymere).

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THERMOWOOD-Thermal Operationed Tree

Finnfrosent presents This Thermal operation on Thermo Wood based on a method using by Vikings about 1000 years ago.Now we are able to know burning or heating timber makes longer its life with help of Viking's experiences.Finnforest improves this idea and make it clear today.First of all timber is heating over 200Cdegrees in area without oxygen,in this period cellulose series broken into pieces and because of this,bacterias which causes corrosion cant be reproduce on timber.(no chemical substances or gases using).At the same time extra water and rubber inside timber taken by this method.This process gives a beatiful colour and bright to timber and increase resistance to moisture.This is good alternative for traditional methods(using chemicals).


In Europe timber products classified in 5 groups for its resistance.You can see the diffirent between Finnforest ThermoWood and others.

Technical Specialities

Class 3
t less than 230Cdegrees: Because of low corrosion risk can be used on soil.Corrosion risk is much more less than normal timber,there is no fracture risk at least. Beside this its not adviced to aplicate on sensitive surfaces

Class 2
t less than 210Cdegrees: Its well protected to corroption ,using areas:garden furnitures,park and garden hedges,door,windows...It is bending and pulling less than normal timber

Class 1
t less than 180Cdegrees: Can be applicate on places which has risk of deformation,easily and advise for especially furnitures,base covering,building saunas.